Mystery Creek Campground

  • Fires are allowed in designated areas, DO NOT move the firepit.
  • Turf, trees, and shurbs, & equipment must not be disturbed.
  • Unregisterd Guest must leave 11:00pm or pay for your stay.
  • Radios need to be turned down @ 10pm. Quite time is 12:00am and is STRICTLY ENFORCED.
  • All tents and ground cloths must be moved every third day,( if staying longer then 3 days). 
  • Hot water must not be taken from the service building.
  • NO Water balloons in bathrooms.

Rules of the Campground!

  • Use of any firearms or any missile throwing device are not allowed.
  • Be aware of the strong current in the river.
  • We reserve the right to Remove persons from the premises, to those who don't respect, the rights and privacy of other campers & seasonals. ( loud, disrupted,lewd behavior)
  • Put all garbarge in dumpsters.
  • No atv are allowed in the camp ( their is trails within driving distance outside the area, but ask management for more details.
  • Dogs must be on a 6ft leash NOT RETRACTABLE. Also must be on a lead on your site.  Please pick up after too.
  • All campground activities are at YOUR own RISK.

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